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RYPEN is....

The Rotary Youth Program on ENrichment is an annual 4 day camp for aspiring leaders, aged 13-17. This once in a lifetime event is free to participants and sponsored by Rotary Clubs across the District 5350. RYPEN will run on September 16 - 19, 2022 at a camp on the Little Bow Travers Reservoir.

Diversity Students

Experience it!

Ready to be creative, try new things, make new friends, succeed as a team, expand your comfort zone, and find your voice? RYPEN is your opportunity to reflect, support, and grow your skills as a leader, and leave a stronger person than you arrived! So what are you waiting for? Take the RYPEN Challenge and register today!

Rock Climbing Indoors


RYPEN supports youth to find their voice, take leadership, explore other leadership opportunities, and make a difference in their community. All camp leaders are previous attendees, inspired by their camp experiences to continue their journey as growing leaders. You and your Club make that possible.

The RYPEN Promise

As the RYPEN team, we are committed to making this camp an inclusive, supportive, challenging, and rewarding experience for all participants. RYPEN is an unforgettable experience, that's a ton of fun! At the end, nobody wants to leave. 97% of participants rated the camp as Excellent of Very Good in 2018. Participants build the skills and confidence to become future leaders at RYPEN and in their communities.

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